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Lilac: Ah, now I’m married and about to get laid.  What a day.

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Mr. & Mrs. Mercury Cotton Thistle.

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Lilac: Hell yeah I’ll marry you!

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Mercury: Will you marry me?

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wow anthony you smell amazing

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Mercury: Okay, I know the kitchen isn’t the most romantic place to do this, but I think you already know it’s coming so I’m just going to do it…Lilac Alpine Rouge…

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Spencer Webb for tinysims’ Piper Polka Dot’s Bachelorette Challenge!  

Spencer was raised as a proper gentleman, but had always had a bit of a dramatic side.  His parents, especially his father, tried to push him away from his true passion of acting, saying it wasn’t masculine enough for such a man, but he didn’t listen.  He hopes to become a world famous thespian someday and won’t let anything get in his way.  He’s been told by many that he’s a great kisser, but he hasn’t really had any other sort of luck in the dating world.  Spencer hasn’t been in any relationships lasting more than a month and he really wants to find that special someone and thinks it could definitely be Piper.  He hopes his schmoozing, smooth talking ways will help him win her over and that his brave tendancies will help him finally face his problems in the dating world.

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i only have $220 dollars left to save for my new laptop!!!! ye

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