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lil update

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Anonymous asked: you know that if you just plant a special seed it does nothing right? you need to do a gene splicing thing on the seed and get the forbidden fruit to get a plant baby

yeah i know i cheated and used mastercontroller to get maisie’s science skill high enough to get the forbidden fruit seed and then took it away bc i didnt think kelley or maisie would really be sciencey people and i have never had a plant baby and i think it works great with maisie’s whole green thumb/gardening thing idk

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Bryce: I demand to be heir!  There will be no more babies, and if there is, I will take care of them.  You have been warned.

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I guess Bryce brought a friend home from school and I didn’t even realize until I saw a pink dinosaur roaming around.

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hey guys im gonna be rly busy for the rest of the week so im not really gonna be around until the weekend my queue is running again but i wont be here so just a lil update!

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Maisie was out collecting seeds for her garden and stumbled upon a very special one!